Master "Mechanics, Physics & Engineering"

The master "Mechanics, Physics & Engineering" is a two-year academic programme based in Marseille (France), opening on a variety of domains including energy, transport, environment, aeronautics and space, defence, security, and scientific computing, with the following professional activities:

-  Public and private research, and higher education, following a PhD programme

-  Engineering in R&D departments and design offices of private or public companies or industry

FIRST YEAR - M1 (in French)

The first year comprises two tracks, a "Research and development" (R&D) track and an "Engineering and design" (E&D) track.

-  1st semester (S1-M1)
Track R&D: Basic courses in mechanics and physics, condensed matter, analytical, experimental and numerical methods
Track E&D: Basic courses in solid mechanics and mechanical systems, thermodynamics, industrial design

-  2nd semester (S2-M1)
Track R&D: Specialised courses in fluid mechanics, dynamical systems, reactive systems, materials, structures, acoustics, numerical and experimental methods
Track E&D: Specialised courses in robotics, CAD, materials, industrial fluid mechanics

Language classes, laboratory or industry internship for both tracks.

Depending on the results obtained, students may continue with the second Master year, enter the second year of an engineering school programme, or begin their professional career.

SECOND YEAR - M2 (in French)

-  1st semester (S1-M2)
Eight Specialties with ‘Research’ (R) and/or ‘Professional’ (P) orientation, including a variety of possible tracks:

Specialty 1 Fluid mechanics and non-linear physics (R) - available in English
Specialty 2 (French) Two-phase flows, energetics and combustion (R)
Specialty 3 (French) Acoustics (R)
Specialty 4 (French) Aeronautics and space (R & P)
Specialty 5 (French) Advanced materials and structures (R & P)
Specialty 6 (French) Fluids, environment and risks (R & P) - closed since 2012
Specialty 7 (French) Engineering and design of industrial projects (P)
Specialty 8 (French) Fire systems science and engineering (R & P)

-  2nd semester (S2-M2)
Laboratory or industry internship, drafting of a report and defence.

Depending on the results, students may continue preparing a doctoral thesis and obtain a research fellowship awarded by a doctoral school (École Doctorale - ED), in particular the ED "Engineering Science: Mechanics, Physics, Micro- and Nanoelectronics" with which the laboratories listed below are associated.


The master programme benefits from the educational and scientific resources of the following institutions:

-   Laboratories affiliated with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)

- IRPHE UMR 7342
- IUSTI UMR 7343
- LMA UPR 7051
- M2P2 UMR 7340

-   Engineering schools

- Centrale Marseille
- Polytech Marseille

-   University

- Aix-Marseille Université